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Greetings 인쇄


We sincerely appreciate you and for visiting this website.

As our society becomes more multi-cultural, we are at a critical juncture requiring us to go beyond language, religion, and colors toward the era where we can respect and embrace each others.

Ansan is a city with the most dense foreigner population, and so it embodies distinctive cultures from various countries. The migrants who live in Ansan play an important role in industry, as well as our local community.

Therefore, Ansan is offering various public services, such as Korean classes, interpretation, medical/regal advice, essential information for everyday life and cultural/sports activity support in order to help migrants settle comfortably and reach their lifetime goals.

We hope that the Migrant Community Service Center will be an open space for communication, which can contribute to the creation of a better living environment for both locals and immigrants.

In addition, we hope our ideas and efforts can contribute to putting Korean on the right track toward a successful multi-cultural society.

이장원 (Lee Jang-won)

Deputy Minister of Ansan Multicultural Support Headquarters